Forensic Systems Testing

Technical support for IP litigation

We offer very experienced technical services personal in support of IP litigation.

Example Projects

Some examples of projects we have completed in the past are:

System Setup and Testing

We have staff that can procure, set up, test, and evaluate a wide range of computer systems.

  • Obtain machines of specific vintage
  • Setup computers with specific software and configuration
  • Design tests
  • Run and document tests to support expert testimony

Software Code Review

We have staff that can perform a wide variety of code review projects. We have highly experienced software developers who can investigate and review large or small collections of source code.

  • Our developers have experience back to the 1980s
  • We have experience reviewing a wide variety of programming languages
  • We can help you develop a plan to find what you need
  • We can help understand if pieces of source code are missing

We have performed these services for many clients over more than ten years. We know how to get this sort of project done in a form that expert witnesses and lawyers find useful in court. If you would like to discuss how we can help please contact Nathaniel Polish at