What we do

DTG Makes Technology Work!

We Provide Solutions in:

Provide Rapid Internal Prototyping and Technology Infrastructure Development Environments:
We can take your organization through assessment, prototype, and implementation in whatever depth required. We hand-off and then help your own technology team move forward. Twenty years experience insures we will get you where you want to go.

What we provide to our clients
Confidence that their technological needs will be met on time on budget. Highly skilled project managers work with our clients to determine the best means of working within their process and ours. They manage the process with regular meetings & reports.

  • Reduced risk from technological investment
    We work with our clients to assess their technical investments and plans, help integrate these with the company’s overall business goals and with future trends in specific technologies. We have done this with startups such as Savos and established firms such as D&B, amongst others.
  • Return On Investment
    We design our projects around technologies such as IVR and speech recognition that provide very high returns on investment. It is not uncommon for projects based on these technologies, when properly designed to meet a business objective, to have short payback periods.

We pride ourselves on rapid delivery. That is why we have frequently been chosen by venture capitalists to provide the initial technology guidance and infrastructure to new firms that may have great business ideas, but lack the necessary technology staffs to do rapid prototyping. Our president Dr. Nathaniel Polish has served as acting CTO to a number of successful startups.