Who we are

For over 30 years, Daedalus Technology Group (DTG) has provided consulting services in technology assessment, development, and implementation. Our name comes from the first great technologist, the ancient Greek inventor Daedalus. In keeping with our namesake, DTG provides innovations and advice for solving businesses’ technology mazes. If you have a technology need, then talk with us to find the answer.

Whether it is tracking Penguins in Antarctic conditions, or creating multi-media on demand networks for heavy usage or having the experience of creating one of the first IVR systems nearly 20 years ago, DTG knows technology. We provide technical capabilities when and how you need them, so your company can concentrate on its core strengths. DTG has the high-level technological experience and expertise needed to deliver on your requirements quickly and smoothly.

We work with our clients to exploit existing and emerging technology. We look not necessarily to provide a cutting edge solution but a solution that will best solve our clients needs.

We assess our client’s existing technology and development goals to provide risk analysis concerning your companies plans in consistence with your business goals and requirements.

DTG has established itself as a leader in litigation support in legal cases involving highly technical matters. We provide analysis of a wide range of software systems growing on our decades of experience. We also provide personnel to be expert witnesses in patent litigation.

Please see the following document for a list of cases that our principal, Nathaniel Polish, has been a witness on Patent Litigation Experience.

Dr. Polish’s CV can be found here.

We also provide on site software analysis for litigation support purposes on a wide variety of programming languages and platforms.