Demonstration Networks Based on Era-Dependent Hardware


Requirements: We were asked to demonstrate functionality of a specific software suite from the early 2000’s operating in two physically diverse locations on hardware that was manufactured in the same time frame during which the software was created.


The client required a series of demonstrations be carried out using a software suite on hardware that was generally available prior to a specific date in the early 2000’s. The software suite was a distributed network media tool that required six active machines in two physically separate locations. All aspects of the demonstration networks needed to be composed of hardware and software that was available to the general public before the date in question. We obtained hardware for the tests that was manufactured during the required era and validated all components for manufacture date, including all internal components, BIOS, operating system, and drivers. We build two networks; one in New York City and one in Hoboken, NJ; connected them via IPSec VPN; and the required demonstrations were performed and documented.


Tools used: Sonicwall Pro 2040 Firewalls; Cisco Aironet 1200 Access Points, IBM T-41 Thinkpads, Windows Xp, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, MiTMProxy, dnsmasq, SSLSplit, tcpdump, tc, iptables, FFmpeg, hostapd

Techniques used: SSL interception, modification, and replay system; Packet capture; Traffic control and network impairment; MPEG decoding and inspection tools