Investigation and Demonstration of 1990’s Era Enterprise Environment

Requirements: We were asked as part of a patent case to set up a fully functional installation of a multi part enterprise document management system that depended on operating systems and supporting software from the mid-1990’s.


The client required a functional installation of an enterprise content management system that was dependent on antiquated software and hardware from verifiable sources. We built a network that contained all of the elements of a mid-1990’s Windows NT. While this project was not particularly difficult, it was complex, and the ECM/CMS suite had a number of difficult to source dependencies that required quite a bit of effort to locate from verifiable sources. During the course of this project, aspects of the environment were required to be brought on and off line, rebuilt, reconfigured, and reset to initial configuration. The environment was extensively documented, and memory analysis was performed on a number of the Virtual machines to verify aspects of target application operation.

Tools used: VMWare; Xen; Windows NT 3.5, 3.5.1, and 4.0 Server; MS SQL Server 6.0 and 6.5; Netscape Fast Track Server 2.0; Sybase SQL 11; Exchange Server 5.0; Windows 95; RedHat 4; Mdd; Fastdump; LiME

Techniques used: Virtualization environments; Screen capture; Windows memory capture and analysis